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Improve your fertility health with a safe, natural and tailored treatment plan from the experienced team at Sustain Health.

Here at Sustain health we have a very strong emphasis in assisting couples to conceive naturally and build healthy families.

Why is our fertility treatment so effective?

In order to ensure the greatest chance of conception occurring and highest standards of support we insist on:

  • Experience – A minimum of 5 years experience and extensive knowledge and training in regards to fertility and reproductive health for all of our practitioners.
  • Success – High success rates with hundreds of successful natural pregnancy cases.
  • Knowledge – Very high standards for ongoing education in the latest fertility developments in both the Chinese and Western Medical paradigms. Each practitioner is required to complete double the minimum industry standard for professional development education.
  • Practice – Extensive ongoing experience with more than 100 acupuncture sessions successfully carried out each week.
  • Quality – Only the top quality of herbal medicine and Acupuncture equipment are used in our treatments.
  • Reputation – Our results are known to be second to none with most of our clientele coming from patient and medical practitioner referral.

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How does TCM and Acupuncture treatment help you to conceive naturally?

The reproductive systems in both males and females are dependent on many factors and can be quite sensitive and even unpredictable.  In order to achieve optimum reproductive health TCM and Acupuncture addresses:

  • Hormonal balance – By restoring your optimal hormonal cycles and bringing the body back into its natural rhythms.
  • Reproductive vitality – Increasing the strength and abundance of energy within the reproductive system is essential for its correct functioning.
  • Sub-fertility – Any issues regarding diagnosed or un-diagnosed sub-fertility must be resolved in order to create optimal reproductive health.
  • General health – You must be “on top of your game” as the reproductive system is often very sensitive to all of the changes that occur within the body.
  • Emotion – Recognised as being integral to the reproductive system, your emotional well-being will be addressed and any imbalance assisted to return to the normal state.
  • Individuality – No two patients are the same. So every treatment plan, Acupuncture session and herbal prescription will be specifically tailored to meet your specific needs.

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How long does TCM and Acupuncture take?

Although we have many success stories of couples conceiving within the first month of treatment often more preparation is necessary.  Both men and women need to adequately prepare the “seed” in optimal health for the best chance of success. TCM and Acupuncture work from the most inner aspects of fertility until complete fruition.  In regards to this 3 months or cycles are used as a standard for 1 course of treatment.  Depending on the individual 1, 2 or even more courses may be necessary to achieve the required “fertile ground”.

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