We provide a safe and caring environment to assist in your recovery from miscarriage and improve your fertility health for future conception.

Sadly not all pregnancy is successful and miscarriage is never an easy experience.  At Sustain Health we have helped many women recover from miscarriage and helped them prepare more solidly for further attempts at having a family.

How can Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture help?

  • Bleeding/Spotting – To assist reduce and stop bleeding after miscarriage and help to preserve vital nutrients in the body.
  • Pain – Reducing the abdominal cramping and low back pain often associated with miscarriage.
  • Hormones – Helping to strengthen progesterone level in luteal phase and pregnancy.
  • Energy – Miscarriage is very taxing on the body and support is often needed to restore the body’s energy back to optimal health.
  • Wellbeing – Usually there is more than just the obvious physical repercussions to miscarriage. Acupuncture and TCM can help to resolve the emotional and psychological impact of the occurrence and help to provide solutions for the future.

Can Acupuncture and TCM help to prevent miscarriage?

The short answer is yes!  We have helped many women who may be at higher risk of miscarriage by helping to address:

  • Low fertility health – Optimal fertility health both before and during pregnancy is very important to the consolidation and development of the foetus.
  • Multiple miscarriage – Women who have had previous miscarriage are much more likely to miscarry than women who haven’t. In this case it is essential to do everything you can to prevent recurrence.
  • Genetic abnormality – Although we cannot change the genetic condition of a foetus, optimal reproductive health before conception is paramount for prevention of this type of miscarriage. Especially relevant for aging couples.
  • Poor energy and overall health – Helping to increase overall and reproductive health for women who are struggling is especially important before and during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage and produce healthy children.
  • Threatened miscarriage – Early pregnancy bleeding and other symptoms can indicate a threat to pregnancy. Acupuncture and TCM have very strong protocols to prevent miscarriage when threatened and can increase progesterone levels, stop bleeding and secure the foetus.

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