Treating Asthma The Natural Way: Feel Better, Breathe Deeper

For many people, treating asthma is something they have had to live with since early childhood.

Often developing alongside, or after bouts of eczema, asthma follows a very similar process—the body’s immune system has trouble regulating itself and therefore manifests itself in inflamed tissues.

In Chinese Medical theory, the inflammation is considered to be dampness and heat affecting the lungs ,due to a constitutional weakness or deficiency that the immune system is trying to compensate for.

Clearing the Inflammation When Treating Asthma

So, treating asthma involves not only clearing the inflammation but also building the strength in the areas of weakness.

Furthermore, Chinese Medicine recognises there may also be lingering pathogens that the body, with limited success, is trying to resolve—treatment often includes the release of these pathogens.

As well as the physical component, there is often a strong emotional component, to both the cause and triggers of asthma.

treating asthmaChildren, like sponges, tend to be particularly sensitive to a parent’s emotional stress and frustration—this may cause them to ‘absorb’ the emotional state and learn habits that can last a lifetime.

It’s no wonder, that Asthma is often the result, considering this combination of constitutional weaknesses and genetic factors.

Life-Changing Condition

Treating this life-changing condition, at an early age, could re-direct the path of one’s life in a dramatic way.

With a new found energy and strength, more opportunities will present themselves for a happier and healthier you.

Because of the long term nature of the condition and the depth of the pathology, Asthma symptoms may be treated with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Generally, the earlier the person is treated the quicker results will show and breathing will become free and easy for you—more than often, adults may experience a faster resolution due to becoming stronger with age.

About the Author Dr Evan Pritchard

Dr Evan Pritchard is a registered practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine .....and has a passion for all things Chinese Medicine...Dr Pritchard has had much success in assisting with IVF and natural fertility from the initial stages of preparation through to conception, full term pregnancy, induction and birth support......He has a strong foundation in five element Qi Gong and meditation with more than 10 years experience in both practice and instruction.