Using Chinese Medicine to treat Prostate Cancer


How Common is Prostate Cancer?

If you are male and your doctor diagnoses you with cancer, then there’s 40% likelihood that that you will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men and its incidence and mortality rate is only on the increase. Estimates suggest that around 120,000 Australian men are living with prostate cancer right now, and it is predicted that the number will increase to 267,000 by 2017.

1 in 8 men over the age of 75 will develop prostate cancer. By the age of 85 that number increases to 1 in 6.

It is the second highest mortality rate, after lung cancer. The ironic thing is, when compared to other cancers prostate cancer has the highest survival rate after diagnosis, with 92% of patients still alive within 5 years.


This is why charity campaigns such as Movember are working hard to encourage not only Australians, but people all over the world, to get regular check-ups, thus avoiding an unnecessarily early demise.

All men over 50 should be getting regular testing to rule out the possibility of prostate cancer


There is no sure-fire way of preventing cancer; however taking general steps towards good health is a good start. A healthy diet, and at least 30 minutes of exercise a day can go a long way towards decreasing your risk. Being obese can put you at significantly more risk of developing prostate cancer, so it’s important that you maintain a healthy weight. Obesity is implicated in a huge number of different diseases so I can’t stress the importance of good weight management enough.

A Chinese Medicine Perspective

In Chinese medicine, prostate gland enlargement is believed to be due a result of an accumulation of dampness and heat in the urinary bladder and/or deficiency of kidney qi and blood stagnation.

Therefore eliminating the stagnation, activating the blood circulation, regulating the qi and clearing the damp-heat will help to cure enlarged prostate which may, if left untreated, develop into prostate cancer.

Prostate issues are generally related to the function and health of the kidneys and stomach systems:


Kidney problems:

Lead to a malfunction in water metabolism. In the case of prostate cancer, this includes water metabolism and hormonal dysfunction (especially testosterone).

Stomach issues:

Evolve out of poor dietary habits. When the stomach system (including all digestive organs) is impaired, turbidity and toxins accumulate, which is often the case in a high animal fat diet. In Chinese medicine we consider that poor diet will often lead to internal heat, low blood quality, and stagnation of the blood.

For example, regular consumption of beer and carbonated fizzy drinks compete with the kidneys for zinc, causing the body to leach out zinc. Zinc is absolutely essential for prostate health, so this can contribute to a lot of problems.

Water metabolism and kidney system issues, lead to urinary retention and an accumulation of the toxins in the bladder, the body then becomes a prime environment for the proliferation of disease.

Congestion of pathological fluids leads to obstructive disease, poor flow of body fluids, congealment of blood, phlegm, and act as a magnet for toxins or are toxins themselves which initiate a malignancy, and ultimately develop into cancers.



When treating any cancer in the clinic, the primary aim is to reverse this process and change the underlying environment that caused the cancer in the first place. The secondary goal is to improve the overall health of the patient even whilst their going cytotoxic treatment. This process requires active involvement from the patient, as they will need to make significant lifestyle changes in order to reverse the evolution of cancer.

This treatment protocol can take place side by side the more conventional methods of cancer treatment.

At Sustain Health we use a combination of ancient herbal medicine and acupuncture, combined with the knowledge obtained from current literature, to treat the specific needs of each patient.

Whether you’re just having urinary issues (retention of urine, burning urine, pain on urination, incomplete voiding of urine or sex related pains) or you are in the late stages of prostate cancer, we can find a treatment strategy that will help you.

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