Chinese Medicine & Acupuncturist Intern

We are seeking a student or fresh graduate of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. We are providing mentoring from our Chief Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist, Dr Scott Ling. Our clinic provides high quality and professional health services for people. At Sustain Health we adhere to the highest professionalism and quality to deliver tailor-made treatments for each of our patients. Dr. Scott Ling’s vision is to educate future and existing practitioners to become global leaders in natural, safe and sustainable health care. 

Why You Would Want to Intern at Sustain Health

Under the mentorship of Dr Scott Ling you will have the opportunity to see a vast number of conditions that you might not see at other clinics. Conditions such as neurological conditions, undiagnosed diseases and other difficult to treat cases. You’ll get exposure to working in a busy multi-modality clinic with other practitioners and to see a high volume flow of patients. With the guidance and support of Dr Scott Ling you can learn and grow your practice. 

What We Provide

We pride ourselves on running a high quality and efficient clinic. Our focus is always about the patient experience, therefore our clinic is designed so our practitioners can provide the best care they can. We provide an experienced team of Front Desk Assistants who will: 

  • Dispense herbs
  • Clean rooms
  • Answer phones
  • Process transactions
  • Schedule bookings

Our State-of-the-art individual treatment rooms are uniquely designed for Chinese medicine practitioners. They are spacious and insulated allowing for a private and peaceful patient consultation. The clinic provides a calming and relaxing environment. Our premium furniture supports our high standards…. real plants thrive in many corners of the clinic. You will have access to our extensive existing client base. This includes Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture patients. Our fully computerised system and paperless procedures allow for fast and efficient operations. We regularly hold:

  • Academic meetings
  • Webinars
  • Team Discussions
  • And other ongoing education that can contribute to CPD points

Who We are Looking For

You are a TCM/Acupuncture student who is either in your final year or 2nd last year of study. Or you are a TCM/Acupuncture practitioner who is registered with AHPRA and have professional indemnity insurance.

We are looking for fresh minds with the capacity to learn new styles of acupuncture from our Chief Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist. You have the ability to communicate on different levels to patients, practitioners and other specialists. You have a high attention to detail and professionalism. 

What’s the Next Step After I Submit My Application?

If your candidateship was successful you will be invited for an introductory interview. This friendly interview will take place in a local cafe, over tea or coffee, in a relaxed environment.The interview will be with our clinical director Dr Scott Ling. Here we can establish whether our business values and goals align… and what is possible for the future.

Internship Details?

How Do I Submit My Application?

Please email your cover letter and resume to