Gynaecology & Women’s Health

Non-invasive, safe and natural women’s health solutions from Melbourne’s expert Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Chiropractors

Here at Sustain Health we recognize how integral the reproductive system is for each Woman and the influence it has on her health and state of being.  It is obvious that life would be better without the frustrations, pain, recurrent sickness and other conditions that may occur as a result of reduced reproductive health.

Fortunately Acupuncture and TCM have effective strategies that don’t just mask symptoms like hormonal therapy can, but can address the base of many issues so that the reproductive system is brought back to a state of health and well being without compromising other systems of the body.

Some of the conditions that Acupuncture and TCM can address include:

Why choose Acupuncture and TCM?

  • Results – Working with many women over the years has demonstrated the efficacy of Acupuncture and TCM for Gynaecology & Women’s health issues. This type of intervention is much sought after by Women because of its reputation for being gentle and safe but above all effective.
  • Individual treatment – The female reproductive is quite complex and every Woman is different. Our Chinese Medicine professionals are trained to tailor treatment specifically to meet the needs of each individual and find solutions that meet your specific needs.
  • Non-invasive interventions – Acupuncture and TCM offer therapeutic assistance without the use of strong drugs or surgical intervention. The strategies applied involve minimal discomfort in a safe and relaxing environment.

Take the step toward better reproductive health today.  Call us to speak with one of our qualified Doctors of Chinese Medicine and find out how we can help you.

Find relief from a variety of women’s health conditions with a natural, tailored treatment to suit your

individual needs